◊ COVID-19.   No doubt we are all concerned about the far-reaching consequences of this present outbreak of Coronavirus. The instruction from Lambeth means that we have had to suspend all public worship in our churches for a season; however long that may last. It’s important that as a faith community we try to maintain our links and common life as far as possible; therefore, we are making available some worship resources which can be used at home. By clicking on the ‘Stay Connected’ tab at the bottom of this page you can access the resources. We know of individuals willing to offer practical help to those within our parishes who are self-isolating. If you need help or know of someone that does, please use the details on the ‘Contacts’ tab to inform us.  Above all….  stay safe!

◊ Hospital Chaplains.   Please remember to hold in your prayers; Alison, Ashley and George, our chaplains at the Universtity Hospital here in Burton. They are exercising their ministry under very difficult circumstances and providing much needed pastoral support to patients, patients’ families and staff alike. They value our prayerful support.

◊ Fr Terry is Given an Additional Role.  Some may be wondering about the implications for Burton in light of the recent, Diocesan announcement that Fr Terry is to become Associate Archdeacon of Stoke-upon-Trent. Worry not! The specific task that Terry came here to do among us will continue just as before. He will take on additional duties in supporting Archdeacon Matthew and the (to be appointed) Bishop of Stafford with a particular focus on vacancy support, mission action planning, pastoral care etc. This new role is an expansion of his current interim ministry role and is intrinsically linked to it. He will remain with us in Burton as Interim Minister to help achieve the original objective of preparing for the future.

◊ Live, On-line Sunday Worship:  Our ‘Zoom’ offerings of Morning Prayer on Sundays is growing in popularity. If you would like to join this live, on-line worship, please ask either Fr Robin or Fr Terry for the detailsyou need to log on. Those who receive the standard emailed documentation pack should find the details within what they already have.

◊ Thy Kingdom Come:  Christ’s followers, on their return to Jerusalem following the Ascension of Christ, went to the upper room where they prayed constantly (Acts 1:12-14). They prayed while they waited for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, knowing the joy of the risen Christ, yet facing an uncertain future commissioned to continue his mission.  We will need the guidance of the Holy Spirit when we get beyond this current lockdown and try to re-establish our churches for a new future. Take a look at our ‘stay connected’ page to read more about ‘Thy Kingdom Come’.

◊ Sunday Worship:  Fr Robin is organising a ‘ZOOM’ Morning Prayer at 10.00am this Sunday. Please ask for details on how to join.

◊ Newsletter:  A newsletter for June is now available on the ‘stay connected’ page of this website. Thanks to Maureen for compiling it and to those who have contributed.